The Miss G_ Project’'s goal has always been the inclusion of an elective Gender Studies course in the provincial curriculum that could provide young people with a safe space and critical tools with which to understand their lives.

Just as eight years were spent putting Gender Studies through the Ministry's rigorous gauntlet of test-running and fine-tuning, so too will this course continue to be shaped by student, teacher, and stakeholder feedback. It’'s everyone'’s job to make this the dynamic, relevant, and well-taught course it was meant to be and that students deserve.

Eight wild and sometimes discouraging years of femi-lobbying, Queen'’s Park croqueting, post-card mailing, and nay-sayer fist-shaking. But also eight glorious and cherished years of meeting and bonding with hundreds of incredible students, educators, and other friends with kindred causes. Since we don'’t do it enough, we want to thank you now, with all our hearts, for your inspiring stories, hard work, and exhilarating company. Together, we did it!

And now, have yourselves a look at the description of the Gender Studies course that has been officially signed, sealed, and delivered to your local public school's doorstep!!! :


for equity in education

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