The Miss G Project for Equity in Education is a grassroots feminist organization working to combat all forms of oppression in and through education.

Dedicated to feminist anti-oppression politics with a strong focus on education, our mandate is to provide young people with the opportunities, support, and resources necessary to analyze and influence issues that affect their lives and futures. This includes acting as a community resource and mounting political actions towards the ongoing improvement of publicly funded education to meet its own policy commitments to equity in education, respect for diversity, critical thinking, and the provision of a safe and secure environment.


The Miss G project began in January 2005 as the somewhat naive dream of a few students at the University of Western Ontario. Kickin' around a dorm room, listening to tunes, and talking about high school experiences, it occurred to them that they had never encountered an introduction to studies of gender, its intersections with class, race, ability and sexual identity, and its implications in their high school education. Nor did they see women's perspectives and experiences represented or included in the curriculum as anything more substantial than a tokenistic sidebar in a textbook.

They decided that they were learning in university Women's & Gender Studies classes and in their experiences of activism was eye-opening and life-changing and should have a place at the high school level. They named the Project for the unidentified "Miss G" and began distributing a one-page photocopied demand for an introductory Gender Studies course in the Ontario Secondary School curriculum.

A lot of work has already been done in the past 40 years of feminist research and activism in the area of education. There is groundwork and research that supports the inclusion of Gender Studies in secondary school curriculum. The goal of the Miss G Project has been to raise the level of public awareness and institutional action around the issue so that these knowledges can begin to make a difference in the lives of today's youth.

Today, the Miss G Project has grown into a province-wide movement for equity in education. In 2008, The Ministry of Education committed to offering Gender Studies as part of the new (revised) Social Sciences and Humanities curriculum and since then we have been consulting with the Ministry in the writing, piloting and revision of the course. (See WRITE TO YOUR MPP for more info on the current status of the course.) At different times there have been Miss G Chapters in 10 cities across the province. The Project also works to support the efforts of teachers and education professionals to create Locally Developed Courses (LDCs) and to include Gender Studies materials in their classes (see TEACHERS RESOURCES), and offers gender and activism workshops for secondary and post-secondary students and organizations (see BRING MISS G TO YOU).


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